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Repose gray walls what color cabinets

Kitchen trends go in and out of style but a few trends become design staples. Dark wood cabinets paired with granite is still considered a stylish choice after decades of popularity. White kitchens began as a trend and are still at the top of home decorating wishlists after several years.

Gray kitchens began trending and have now become another classic kitchen color choice. The beauty of decorating with gray is its extreme versatility.

Unlike many colors, gray can be warm or cool. Though gray is considered neutral, it's the undertones that determine if the gray will be warm or cool. Understanding how color undertones work can help you choose the right gray for your kitchen. If you're adding gray paint to your kitchen, you'll definitely want to sample it first with your countertops and appliances to be sure you have the right color.

If your gray color will be coming from your appliances and hardware, they'll almost always be considered a cool gray. Treating your metal appliances and hardware as a color in your palette can help you put together a balanced room.

Don't be afraid to mix and match metal hardware in your kitchen to balance warm and cool colors. Contemporary kitchens can seem a little cold with shiny surfaces and metal appliances.

A balanced and welcoming contemporary kitchen should have a mix of cool and warm colors and materials. A kitchen painted with Behr's Double Click can be the start of your contemporary color scheme with warm cabinetry. When you pair warm neutrals with cool gray you'll get an interesting and beautiful kitchen space.

30 Cabinet Colors that will Rejuvenate your Kitchen

You'll definitely want to surround your cool gray colors with warmth to avoid a cold and industrial look. Even the best industrial designs use weathered metals to provide the necessary warmth to the color scheme. If you love beach-inspired decorating you don't have to take the theme too literally. Clean lines and warm organic neutrals like sand and gray, can help you effortlessly create a beach-inspired space.

The secret to a contemporary beach kitchen is to keep your colors neutral and your design simple. Adding accents of soft blue or green to your neutral kitchen can help you create a serene space for cooking and entertaining. If you keep surfaces and layout simple, you can add a few over-the-top accents like chandeliers and sconces. The key to a glamorous space is simplicity and sparkle. You'll want to keep a classic color scheme with a predominant color like gray and accents of white.

Kitchens are a unique decorating challenge since most of your color will come from cabinetry, countertops, and flooring.

Color Review for Repose Gray

Many kitchens don't have much wall space for painting, so you'll want to give a lot of consideration to the basic colors in the room. Neutral colors are the most popular choice for kitchens. Gray or beige paint in your kitchen can help you bridge the gap between wood, hardware, and flooring.

Greige is an even better choice than gray or beige because it has the best of both colors, bringing the cool neutrals of gray and the warmth of beige. Greige walls and cabinetry can give your kitchen a high-end look even in a modest home. If you'd like to add interest to your kitchen, but don't want to add lots of colors, try contrast instead.

The secret is to use contrasting neutrals. White and beige, beige and white, or white and gray, are all great combinations for a neutral kitchen. Mixing white or gray cabinets with dark wood finishes creates a gorgeous custom look for your kitchen. The key to using this stunning style is to strive for a balance between the two finishes.I just got samples of Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray. I was surprised to see how dark they both seem! Agreeable almost has a purplish tint to it in my house??

Yes, paint colors can definitely look very different on walls compared to the paint swatch. I always recommend putting up samples! Worldy Gray might be another light gray to try.

Also, keep in mind that you are looking at small sample and once it is up on all of the walls it will probably look lighter especially after it is totally dry.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray vs Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Color Review

But, if Agreeable Gray looked purplish in your lighting, then maybe trying another light gray would be best! Let me know if I can Color Consultation in more detail and what you decide.

Thank you!

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Thanks Laura! Yes it definitely looked lighter once it was on the wall! So my next question is what color would you suggest for a charcoal or navy accent wall or what is another dark color you would suggest? Try Dovetail, Gauntlet Gray or Anonymous for a charcoal color. Black Fox as an accent color for one wall could be a really dramatic contrast with your lime green and hot pink pops of color!

For navy, my favorites are: Naval and Charcoal Blue. Some good dark blue-grays are: Dark Night and Rainstorm. Let me know what you end up deciding on! Such a fun color scheme. Also, if you would like further help, I offer Color Consultation. Thanks for reaching out! The apartment has southern facing widows and mid century style parquet flooring.

I will not, unfortunately, have the opportunity to put samples on the walls. Would love to hear your opinion — thank you! Repose Gray and Anew Gray are both great colors! From my experience, Repose Gray seems to have a hint of a blue undertone to it.

Again, both are gorgeous and it depends on your lighting, etc. You can check it out HERE!

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I love that you picked Sea Salt for your bathroom! It is one of my favorites! If you would like further help, I also offer Color Consultations in which we schedule a time where I can view your space via Skype or FaceTime.

Here is more information if you are interested: Color Consultations by Rugh Design. Hi Laura, I love your site, and this blog has been so helpful!Sign up for FREE access to the vault of a dozen decorating freebies from planning printables to decorative wall prints.

Cabinets with color are having a moment right now. A shade of gray is a great alternative to the all-white kitchen while maintaining a neutral space. Here are some of the best colors for gray kitchen cabinets! At the time, it felt sort of bold to paint the cabinets gray. I had experience with white cabinetry previously and felt like a darker neutral would work better for our needs.

In general, selecting a neutral paint color can be challenging. Grays especially have many different undertones that can appear prominent in different lighting situations. Since cabinet painting is labor intensive you want to get the color right the first time. These paint colors vary in shades from dark to light as well as warm and cool. Check out each color below including a link to see the paint color in an actual kitchen.

In a space with a lot of natural light you will see a subtle hint of blue.

repose gray walls what color cabinets

In spaces with less natural light, the color is much warmer and neutral. Of the six including the color i selected for my own kitchenthis may very well be my favorite shade of gray because I love the cooler undertones. See Coventry Gray in the kitchen here. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl is another beautiful gray paint color. This color looks best in spaces with less natural light. See Gray Owl in the kitchen here. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray is a rich warm gray that looks very beautiful contrasted with white.

I love seeing this color on kitchen cabinets paired with white walls and brass hardware — very chic. See Chelsea Gray in the kitchen here.

It looks great in spaces with lots of natural light and in spaces that have minimal or no natural light.I know, that is a lot of colors. But honestly, can we stop at 30? I receive numerous comments from my readers you! Cabinets continually come up in Color Consultations with clients who have existing stained cabinets and they are at a loss with how to pick a wall color to pair with the cabinets.

There are as many cabinet problems and cabinet solutions as there are people that have them. Each color scenario is as unique as each families home. Therefore 30 cabinet colors feels just right. My goal was to write about which colors to paint cabinets and which wall colors to use when handling stained cabinets that will not be changing. However, this post became so massive that I decided to split it into two separte posts. Read on as I discuss painted cabinets below and stay tuned for my July post on solutions for your stained cabinets.

So, buckle up! This will be an informative post, but lengthy so that I can cover all of the bases. To help clarify, I am going to focus on kitchen cabinets, although the same principles can be applied for bathroom cabinets or built-ins. View all our Peel and Stick Paint Samples here! This is obviously not an extensive list of possible painted cabinet colors, but it is the largest majority of colors that are current and most of the cabinet questions I receive involve these color categories.

Like I mentioned, I will focus on when to paint your cabinets these colors white or cream, gray, greige and black and which paint colors to choose from.

If you are wanting to paint your currently stained cabinets, or you are building or renovating a home and desire brand new painted cabinets then this is for you! I do indeed get lots of questions about what color to paint cabinets and more often than not, I have to admit that I specify whites and creams.

Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams: Color Spotlight

I just love the look of clean and fresh white cabinets and there is really no better way to lighten and brighten a space. Not to mention, white is a classic cabinet color that is never going to go out of style! I do have clients ask me and worry that white cabinets are just a trend that will fade. Not true! If you style your kitchen just right, white for cabinets is not going to go out of style, trust me.

I specify whites or creams most often in kitchens that need a refresh as well as a way to lighten and brighten the space.This post was originally published in March It was updated in February to reflect my new favorite light gray paint colors for a fresh and updated interior. The gray paint trend is still going strong, and I am often asked about my favorite light gray paint colors for walls.

I brought my Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paint decks along with loose swatches of some of my favorite colors.

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I also brought drafting tape and a piece of white foam core. I like to tape the loose swatches to the foam core and then move the foam core around the room. Plus, the white of the foam keeps the existing wall color from distorting the color of the swatches.

We eventually settled on three options for the living area that were all warm grays and then three options for blue-greens in the kitchen and dining area. We discussed painting the cabinets ivory to better coordinate with the cottage style the client prefers. Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is definitely one of my top favorite colors for walls. The undertone of the color leans more towards yellow-orange than toward green.

I know that everyone on Pinterest is loving Revere Pewter these days and with good reason.

repose gray walls what color cabinets

It has a little more pigment in it than the Sherwin-Williams light grays second swatch down on the strip and has a more yellow-green undertone. I used Revere Pewter on the board and batten wainscot in my modern farmhouse bathroom remodel and paired it with Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist on the drywall above.

Worldly Gray is cooler than Agreeable Gray with more green in the undertone. Without a doubt, Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil is my new favorite go-to light gray paint color.

It has no strong undertone that I can perceive, but is probably a green gray. Classic Gray has become another staple of mine lately. Useful Gray has a yellow-green undertone to it and also looks great with natural wood. Repose Gray is another versatile gray that is slightly deeper than some of the other grays on this list.

It has a warm stoney undertone to it, and I particularly love it for bedrooms. Drift of Mist is another new favorite of mine.

repose gray walls what color cabinets

Drift of Mist is ever so slightly cooler. All of these grays work really well for rooms with lighter hardwood floors and for rooms with wood trim.I hope to spotlight at least 1 Sherwin-Williams color each month. So reach out and let me know which color you want to see next! For now keep reading this post for my Repose Gray review! View all our Peel and Stick Paint Samples here! But also be sure to check out the Color Wheel complete with my hand-picked color schemes for the entire Sherwin-Williams color deck!

There are over colors and each color has 4 schemes for you to explore using in your space. This month, I wanted to focus in on Repose Gray. Honestly, if you really want to grasp the undertone of colors then it is essential that you compare your color to other colors on the paint color deck. I actually detailed out a comparison of some of the main neturals in the SW deck in my color review for Alpaca.

If you look at Worldly Gray to the left of Repose Grayit is more of a true gray. Worldly Gray is still considered somewhat of a warm gray, but is less warm than Agreeable Gray which I categorize as a warm greige and is to the right of Repose Gray on the paint strip.

So, as we look at Repose Gray compared to Worldly Gray and Agreeable Grayit is apparent Repose Gray has a cooler, slight blue undertone peeking through. Keep reading for more examples of Repose Gray happening in real life spaces!

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For convenience here are my hand picked color schemes for Repose Gray. Be sure to visit the Repose Gray color scheme page and leave a question or a comment!

Now that you have a basis and have seen my color schemes for Repose Graycheck out my Pinterest gallery for some inspiration. See below and let me know which one you like the most. If you have your own pictures, send them to me and I will post them!


With the right color scheme, it is one color that you can get away with using in almost every space in your home. Hence why it is one of my favorites! The inspiration picture below of the monochromatic living room is one of my favorite representations of Repose Gray. The blue undertones show up in this space particularly well with the addition of the charcoal blue accents in the ottoman, pillows, throw and artwork. Repose Gray is beautiful contrasted against bright white trim think Extra White or Snowbound!

Repose Gray in a monochromatic living room by Domaine Development. Photography by Garrett Buell.

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Adding some warmth and texture are the more rustic and lighter wood pieces such as the console table and ottoman tray. If you love a monochromatic space and Repose Graythis is one to model your home after! Repose Gray not only looks amazing in living rooms, but is also winning in kitchens!

If you read my blogs or if you have been a client of mineyou know that I am a huge fan of white cabinets. They are crisp, clean and classic. Just like Repose Gray contrasted nicely against the white trim in the previous example, it also works well against white cabinets. While Repose Gray is still warm to an extent, it does lean cool with the blue undertone shining through. I would pair Repose Gray with whites that are either pure white or a white that has a slightly cooler undertone.

Stay away from the creams or whites that can have a more beige or yellow undertone. Well, it just so turns out that walls are not the only place that Repose Gray looks gorgeous. Cabinets painted in Repose Gray are just as fabulous.We chose Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray as the paint color in our new house, and I am absolutely in love with it! I think it is the perfect gray color. Thanks so much to Sherwin-Williams for providing the paint for this project!

Here is a picture of the house when we moved in. It was painted a cream color. We had cream colored walls in our last house for over a decade before I painted over them.

In our last house I think I bought six different paint samples and painted them all over the place to try and make a decision. This time around I knew I wanted a nice neutral gray. When we were thinking about building, I visited the Parade of Homes, and visited a lot of model homes.

Anytime I saw a wall color I loved, I would ask what it was. It looked good in all types of houses and all types of decor. We will be painting the bathrooms as well, but first I have some wallpaper to remove.

It is such a great color that it looks great in all of the rooms, no matter the time of day, and with any type of lighting. Here is the kitchen after being painted Repose Gray. The previous owners who happen to be our friendsstopped by last week and commented how much larger the space looks with the new paint color.

So many friends who have come to our home have commented on the paint color and asked what it is. It really is the perfect grey color! Of course adding some decorations makes a big difference in addition to the paint color! We still have plans to replace the countertops and paint the cabinets to match the new paint color. We are also getting new sofas, a rug, and some type of tables. But man, the new paint color was a great way to start this whole house transformation!

I went with a satin finish, and I love it. As a mom of five, I need my paint to be scrubbable. I have already had to wipe off fingerprints, marker, watercolor paints, and more food splatters than I can count. This paint cleans up really well!

I usually let my paint cure for at least a week before I let anything touch it. Some of them were heavy, so I was just sure they had left marks on the wall. In just a short amount of time the paint had hardened.

I was so relieved! If you are looking for a durable and beautiful gray paint color, I highly recommend Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray.

repose gray walls what color cabinets

You will love it! I am considering painting the home I am about to purchase Repose Gray. I like the color but my only concern is the house does not have a lot of natural light. Would this color still be a good choice?

Love the repose gray in your kitchen. I like my Oak as the woodwork goes throughout our home.